Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Need Your Help and NEW TRACKS!!

Hello everybody,
I need help. I'm working on a new full-length release (or 3) and I'm offering a song to show you what I'm doing...and as a fundraiser for the project(s). I am planning to go many extra miles on these, can't do it without support from someone, and you're my record company so I'm asking.

What I'm asking for to make this dream happen is the usual $1 ...for 'Burn The Ground' but I'll take MORE if you like. Download it below and tell a friend please ;)

Thank you sincerely...and enjoy!
Forever indebted to you all
Jefferson Fox

Saturday, June 11, 2011

ClaudiaLand - 6/2/2011 - Live Solo Album

Recently, on a trip down to Florida for 3 shows I got to stop over in Knoxville, Tn at the home of Claudia Linse. ClaudiaLand House Concerts are fabulous events hosted by a powerful soul who has a tendency to have fun. Claudia made me feel so very at home I decided to throw some mics up before the show and capture the event. Not the first time I've done that, but I liked the results well enough to share. This 17 song collection may not stay posted on the interworld forever so if you like em, download. Thanks to Claudia and everyone who came out for the show. My favorite tracks were Goodnight Carolina, Don't Go There, City Life and Big Top...but Bait And Switch, Sorry (never before recorded), and Nobody's Fault turned out lovely as well.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Chronicles Release Party clip

We didn't document this event at all (I suck), but I got this video from someone at the show...and I'm about to see if you can actually embed a facebook video OFF of facebook.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Video in the works Need Your Help

Hi everybody,
In the continued pursuit of making things difficult, Tim Gill and I have decided to make a music video for a song off my new record through the eyes of the American Soldier. We're not filming this one...we need video footage that was taken by U.S. Armed Forces members, particularly soldiers who served during time of conflict. That means, the war on terror, Desert Storm, Vietnam, Korea...any time of conflict.

We know that there's plenty of footage out there but we need it. Please tell your friends, soldiers and neighbors about this and have them email any footage or questions to

Thanks again.
We're eager to get this underway
Jefferson Fox

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jefferson Fox Performing "My Brother's Keeper" live

last weekend I was fortunate to be able to perform with Anastasia Gonzales at a film night in Savannah Georgia that happened at The Muse Art Warehouse. Charlie Kent made this trip with us, we stayed with Tim Gill, partied with the cast and crew of My Brother's Keeper and just generally had a hell of a good time. Here's what the live version sounded like that night. John Guiberteau was on hand and shot this. I'd never met John before that night but I'm glad that I have now. He caught a very nice moment for us that I'll treasure for a long time. Thanks all!

Monday, March 14, 2011

itunes dilemma and how to find it

I've heard from several people lately that they're having trouble finding my music at itunes. I recently hit a glitch with them. Here's the deal.

If you want the new record or the 2 before that (Chronicles Of Harvey, little epiphany or Medium Rare) you need to go here.

If you want Animule or Wait For Words then it's here

WHY? I know not...

Also if you're confused, yes, I put out a VINYL. There is no download for the b-side to this 7" The vinyl is a single with My Brother's Keeper on side 1 and Hold Up The Bottle on side 2 available (physical copy only) here

One last thing...
All of my music is available for download or to get a physical CD, vinyl etc on my website under the music tab which will take you here

There. that's the deal
lotsa love

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Brother's Keeper - Jefferson Fox - Official Video - Directed by Tim Gill

I have to thank God for all of the beautiful people that came into my life to make this possible. Thank you all..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Release Party for Chronicles Of Harvey

Hello everyone,
I finally got finished with that record. Chronicles Of Harvey will release to radio (in just a couple of weeks), has received a tidbit of critical acclaim, was a joy to record because of the people who helped me, and above all, it says what I wanted it to say.

I got to this point through the assistance of a lot of great people. I have never been so sure in all of my life that we are the product of those souls with whom we work and associate. The people that are in my life are by no accident strong, honest and creative, and have affected me greatly.

On Friday, March 11th at 8pm, at Dockside in Cape Girardeau (4 N. Spanish St), I'm going to take some time to honor those people, we're all gonna play the songs from the record... and a few other songs, we'll show the final product of the vision that Tim Gill had for My Brother's Keeper, we'll have some drinks and laughs and I'll release this little piece of artwork that I've labored over for the past year.

Chronicles Of Harvey is, by no means perfect, but I'm very proud of it and am eager to share this set of recordings with you.

I hope to see you on Friday.
Jefferson Fox

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Brother's Keeper Video/Spiritual Enlightenment

I finally have a moment to think and have decided to try and explain the last few weeks and the latest project in my life. I'm not sure that it will translate to words but I'll give it a shot.

A few short explanations before I get started.

1. I just finished a record called 'Chronicles Of Harvey'
2. One of the songs from that record is called 'My Brother's Keeper'
3. Tim Gill, my best friend on this planet, and myself have shot videos together in the past and thought we should do something for this record...

Now. Let's start out of order...
On Sunday, Feb 20, at 3am I began to feel disoriented, at a moment when a fantastic dream succumbs to waking and though I tried desperately to thrust myself back into that dreamland it was over. I was getting into a truck with my father and leaving the set of My Brother's Keeper, the music video (more of an art film , but I digress). Leaving behind the people who had become my family, my guides and friends over the last few weeks. I was leaving the most magnificent moments of my life within the arts and in an enlightening spiritual sense behind.

18 hours before that moment I had arrived on another set and began day 2 of this shoot. Just short of 100 people were bustling about getting lights into place, dressing extras in an RV behind the Church at our first location, assembling tables to hold refreshments throughout the day, prepping a camera that had only ever been used at this years Superbowl in testing (the Phantom V641 by Vision Research). There were some people I knew and lots that I didn't working to fulfill a vision that Tim Gill and I had sculpted over the last few weeks. We had been in meetings the days before, everyone nervous that our ambition might have been larger than our pocketbook or our schedule would allow...and this morning the race was being run. It was beautiful and should have been frightening, but somehow I was also just reeling in amazement at the precision with which they worked and the fact that we had come this far in a few short weeks.

David Wright was the man in charge of making sure the camera functioned. It shoots at up to 2000 frames per second in high definition which gives us the opportunity to slow life down to a crawl and preserves it's beauty in HD as we watch the resulting exposure. He had flown in two days before, been picked up, taken to FED EX to get the phantom, dropped off at Day 1 for test shots, discovered that we had a camera no one had yet worked with instead of the V640 he was accustomed to, met the Director, myself and a few of the lighting guys, reprogrammed the camera over the phone, slept very little and was now prepping to make a music video with it...for me and for Tim. For all those invested in this. David was fun, light-hearted, very professional and has the experience of National Geographic shoots, years of experience behind the camera and working with teams of all kinds all over the world. He looked relaxed.

Tim Gill was in rare form this morning. 2 days before he had told me that he was frightened by the fact that he wasn't scared about this shoot. He has worked as a Director of Photography on countless occasions, making someone else's vision beautiful time after time. He has been artistic all of his life. We've shared art and ideas for years and always planned to create something magnificent, as everyone does, but until this project he had not Directed anything other than college projects and those that have 2-4 people on set. He was always behind the camera...
For his first attempt he has decided to direct the cast of 45-ish including 6 leads playing complicated characters, and the crew of about the same size in an environment where lighting, which is his specialty, revolves around a camera with unknown parameters. The story is complicated, the decisions to shoot or not to shoot sequences, how to shoot them, getting it right in very few takes will make or break this project and ultimately define the art itself. We have nearly 40,000 watts of large, medium, small and specialty lighting on set, a HUGE generator out back, a half dozen electricians, a lighting company...and Cecil Daniel, Gaffer...head honcho in lighting for this.
Tim's not scared. He's drinking coffee, smiling and greeting everyone, giving soft-spoken orders to anyone with a question and appears to be taking it all in.

Behind this building is an RV. The RV is full of clothes. The lady who brought them 750 miles to dress a cast into the summer of 1938 has never been the head of a wardrobe department on a professional shoot. Her name is Deb Maevers. She is being assisted by an old friend and an ambitious 14 year old girl who aspires to do this type of work later in life. Deb has a degree in fashion, owns an antique store that specializes in vintage clothing and has done her homework. Denita Hartle, her friend from NC has come in and will do whatever is required to help. No one knows how much talent she has. Sierra Hughes, the young lady who is one of my daughters best friends (and rode out from Missouri with my family for the shoot) hasn't seen anything like this.
A couple hours after the set began buzzing...ghosts of the summer of 1938 began appearing on the lawn. Beautiful black women in dress hats, summer church dresses, gloves, handbags and shoes of the period. Robert Johnson appeared in the form of David Girard, an actor that came recommended by another lead on the cast. He's in a collarless jacket, well-worn fedora, wing-tips...he looks as though he has traveled long to be home. The hairstyles of the women are amazing. I'm seeing finger curls pressed to their faces, block-square tufts in tight patterns on short haired ladies, each with a flare of personality that fits the characters face. They all look as though they were worn this way on a daily basis, not a hint of the fact that Ebony Pinar had just worked with each and every one to make them look naturally beautiful.

Ebony was hired as an extra... She then became the woman who would bring most all of the mens clothing, she too an antiques officianado, hairstylist, actress, amazing soul. More about her later...

We saw the cast in full dress, they were beautiful, and I got butterflies in my stomach, became choked up a bit and realized that something amazing was about to happen...

I'm gonna stray a minute again. A couple of weeks before we were deep in the casting process. Jody Scheisser, Tim Gill and myself were reviewing photos of potentials, videos and talking constantly about 'the look' of individual actors and extras. There was great debate about 'The Preacher'. Tim and I had a similar idea about this role. He was to be the oldest character in the film, tall and strong, aged through trial and work in the sun. We never found that actor. There were people who fit the description at our disposal but each one lacked something that we felt was necessary. Roger Moss was on the list but we were never sold on 'The Look' that Roger had. After exhausting all possibilities we revisited the idea that Roger could pull off this character. From the beginning we agreed that he had unique qualities that we did truly enjoy and that he had the necessary talent to make this character come to life, but no one was sold. It was decided that he should do an audition for the character and we would review again after seeing him. Roger dropped by Tim's house, did an on-camera audition that convinced us....enter Roger Moss.

Back to Day 2, the morning at the church. The cast is dressed, lights are up, camera is ready and shot 1 is the preacher giving his sermon. Roger was called to the alter, Tim talked quietly with him for a few minutes and they called for a walk through of the shot. The room fell to silence after the assistant Director called the shot and Roger became a southern baptist, black preacher from 1938. The scripture he chose (though his part would be silent) was the one about entering heaven blind rather than with eyes that sin, legless etc. He was bold, animated, powerful and beautiful. As he began roaring Bible verses and testimony with unanticipated rage chills ran down my spine. The bar was set, it was high, and everyone KNEW we were about to do something amazing. The first applause of many rang in that church. Tim and I glance at one another, smile inside and out and it has begun.

I'll pick up here later.


here's a glance or 2

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Charlie's Church Last Hoorah Update!

Here's a little to add to the event this Friday night. If you're not up-to-date, please read my previous blog .

Then...2 updates.

Charlie has no choice but to get rid of a lot of the treasures in his amazing building and here's how it's going to happen. At the event there will be "buckets" with index cards by them. If you see anything that you'd like to be the proud owner of, just grab an index card, write down your name and phone number and the best description of what it is you want with what you're willing to pay for it. After the event is over, Charlie will call everyone about said items and make arrangements for you to pick them up. No items will be removed from the building this Friday night! But you could be the proud owner of whatever you like the most about the place. ;)

The other thing is we've decided to MASQUERADE !!! Wear a costume if you can muster one up. If not, no big deal, but we're dressin up folks!! :)

That's all for now. Tell a friend, 234 Mill St. Cape Girardeau, Friday Jan 21 8pm

be safe

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Last Hoorah at Charlie's Church!!


For those of you that came to the CD EVENT PLANNING PARTY, the fact that Charlie's Church is an AMAZING location for any event is not something I need to go into. For the rest of you:

Charlie Kent has invested 10 years or so converting an old Church on Mill St. in Cape Girardeau into a piece of artwork that comes to life when people are in it. It's a dark, whimsical, mysterious, magical blast into a Twilight Zone of eclectic wonder. That's the best I can do. It's visually stunning, a great place to wander for hours trying to discover all of it's nuances and the smaller works of art and collected gems that are it's motif. There are several 'bars' and conveniently, a stage...or more of an alter to the musical portion of Charlie's vision.

Because of the recent events surrounding the new Casino in Cape Girardeau, Charlie's Church is being demolished and will be lost forever. It's a tragedy, but it's happening so Charlie and I have decided to have one last HOORAH before it's gone. I'm honored to be the artist performing during the event and I'd like to be sure that anyone who has ever enjoyed the place comes out on Jan 21 (FRIDAY) after 7pm and spends the evening with us. I'd also like to invite anyone who has a deep regard for art, music, freedom, the weird and magical to get your hineys out for this. We're going to have a wonderful night to remember there and I have no idea how long the party will last but I'll bet NOT EARLY.

The deal. Bring your own drinks, bring some snacks, bring a CAMERA OR VIDEO CAMERA to help us document this wonderful place and bring your friends.

I'll probably be joined by some other musicians and I really don't know what all will happen but I'm excited.

See you on the 21st of January at 234 Mill St in Cape Girardeau.

Jefferson Fox

Here's a bit of music from the last one!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Jefferson Fox 'Neighbors' The Loft Live (Official)

This just won the Pro Performance Video Competition at for the month of December, 2010. We're very proud. ;)