Tuesday, January 15, 2013

See a show, send some love.

   Without purpose is a terrible place to be. Without assistance when you need it is even worse. This past year I was uncertain what to do with my life at least as far as music is concerned. At the same time there are countless children with specific, special needs that can only rely on others to provide them.
    I love children and like most people, I really enjoy feeling useful. I finally put 2 and 2 together.
     Take a look at their website or watch this video to get a better idea
   I'll be in Savannah on March 29th 2013 performing at The Muse Art Warehouse to raise money for Lindsey's Place.  I hope you'll show your support and join us.  Tickets are available here:

 The $20 admission fee includes a disc or vinyl of your choice at the show and 100% of the proceeds benefit Lindsey's Place.

Jefferson Fox

special thanks to:
The Muse Art Warehouse
Kaufman-Heinz LLC
Kara Billingham (Lindsey's Place)
Lindsey Hart