Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Music

I've been really frustrated for quite some time by the fact that I haven't released any new music and I've heard from a lot of fans that it was time as well. So I finally decided to get some tunes out.

Here's the new deal.

'Chronicles Of Harvey' is a downloadable recording that will eventually contain 12 tracks. They are being released to my music site ... one song every two weeks (possibly even more often than that). You can spend a buck and collect the songs as they come out, you can just listen and enjoy, or you can wait until it's all there and get the collection. The first song released was 'My Brother's Keeper', recorded here in Jackson Mo. I have several new tunes in the mill and a ton already recorded so it's going to be fun assembling this record for you and satisfying to see it in your hands and at your ears.

I hope you enjoy the process as much as I am going to!

lotsa love

<a href="">My Brother's Keeper by Jefferson Fox</a>