Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kevin Rose and my new record

Who the heck is Kevin Rose.

I'm not sure anyone knows, really. I met the man in 1989 (ish) where he was acting as one of two guitar players in a band called 'City of Lindas'. I was living in Rincon, Ga, just outside of Savannah and the Linda's were the premier local act with a global sound that I and my musical friends couldn't get enough of. They were a smart rock band with a big flare for the dark and obscure...everything I ever wanted to be. Kevin lead the sonic mayhem, at least in my mind, with outstanding live tone and great parts that I was almost capable of playing which made it all the more attractive. We watched the Linda's blossom and then disband a few years after I was out of High School. (best band ever?, maybe)

Then Kevin began recording bands other than his own at a little studio called Elevated Basement on Waters Ave (don't quote me, I'm not Googling right now) and he became a part of another great band, GAM. Same story...phenomenal band. Crazier, darker, considerably risque. Loved it. There were other projects like Dare Dukes Band (still alive and well), Shitrocket (still alive, uncertain of wellness), I think he may have participated in Superhorse...not sure, and God knows what else the man has played on. Everybody who passes through Savannah tries to get this guy on their team and no one can blame them.

The obvious next move was to become a fishing boat captain...which he's done. ??

There was some stuff in between, like recording folks ranging from Gregg Allman to Greg Williams, starting a family, raising kids, conquering small nations with rogue independent record labels, and to be quite honest I'm not sure what else he's done. Oh yeah he has engineered the live shows and recordings of the Savannah Music Festival Live project, numerous other fine events and some random events that were probably only fine because he was on the job.

In 1997 I started a record with Kevin at the console while I was singing and playing guitar for a band called 'All That Matters'. The recordings were fabulous but the band broke up before we could finish. I was left with strong desire to complete a project under Kevin's technical direction and in Elevated Basement if possible. It finally happened.

Kevin Rose was kind enough to bring me into the studio recently for a day to see what changes had been made and just to catch up a bit really. After a few conversations we decided to cut a little acoustic record that I needed badly in a spiritual sense and for some loyal fans. Something that was virtually un-produced. Me, live, but in the studio. I picked a few songs out, he fired up the console and placed some sweet mics ...tada...'little epiphany' is born. The new record is done, is for sale in the digital form on my website and will be in print soon. I printed some test copies recently and have made the changes I needed in order to print in volume so they'll be with me at shows henceforth.

I think Kevin will tell you that he didn't do much on this project because he's insanely humble and that type of guy, but the truth is, he made some very nice decisions, has an incredible ear for tone and made my tiny little performance sound fantastic. It's the best look at what I do that I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. I'm proud of the project, indebted to Kevin Rose and eager for you to hear it.


Thank you Kevin,
Thanks everyone who inspires me,
Thanks Tim Gill (you inspire me too, but get a special note for housing me during the recording and all the great work you put forth)

See you soon I hope