Friday, November 6, 2009

Hangin with Heather

Heather Luttrell's in town, camped out on my couch. We're having a blast. Played our first Missouri show together last night at Stooges, doing another tonight at Hunter Valley Winery in Cape Girardeau, MO. Then another at Indian Hills Winery in Puxico Mo on Saturday. Stayed out LATE after the show, put this little town to bed and lived 2 or 3 lives in conversation until we couldn't stay up any more.
This morning we did a radio interview at KRCU in Cape Girardeau with Jacob McCleland and have since solved the worlds problems over coffee and turkey sandwiches.

Heather and I will be performing live in Columbus, GA on Dec 2 for a 'Live DVD' with another friend, Marshall Ruffin. Looking forward to that now and just whatever else we cook up.

I was startled at how strong Heather is during a solo performance. I had only seen her with a band prior to last night.

Well, take a minute and check her out at or Google the gal. Worth the trip to a show I guarantee and be looking for a new CD around the 1st of the year. Also if you're a Skynard fan, Heather's performing with them on the Skynard cruise departing from Tampa Fla on Jan 21st...could be fun!

Lotsa love