Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hey gang,
I just wanted to say a little more about the whole 'Ourstage' thing. This is the site that I'm devoting the most of my 'musical energy' lately. There are a million places to look at artist profiles etc but this one makes sense. MTV started this a long time ago and at it's inception I wasn't very impressed...but they've changed.

They have a site now where music lovers can go find new music in several creative ways, artists can post lots of material and have a reason to do it. They are promoting 'competitions', so to speak which people can vote on and FINALLY, this site has a voting system where you CANNOT just go on and vote for YOUR guy. You have to listen to music in the categories you select and stack people up from best to worst...whoever they put in front of you. The reason I love it is that it's not a popularity contest, it's an enjoyment contest and I don't see a way to cheat in it. Everyone else like Myspace etc has created something where you tell all your friends to vote for you and the band with the most fans wins. Not very helpful in the realm of honest judgement.

Ourstage appealed to me also because I had an chance to win opportunities to play with bigger name artists, money, tools etc for entering contests. Let's face it, these are the things that artists need. I didn't have any idea that I could possibly win because historically these things are terribly unfair. Despite this fact, I entered a few tunes in the last couple weeks and at the time I'm writing this I find my song 'My Brothers Keeper' in 17th position out of 555 entries in the 'acoustic' category. My song 'Nobody's Fault' is in 32nd place out of 428 entries in 'Folk' and a couple of other entries are floating around in categories not doing as well but it's interesting.

I have 0 fans on this site as I have not promoted it in any way and I think that's fantastic. Once again, not a popularity contest.

I will ask you to log in, sign up and vote, but the wonderful part is that I can ask you honestly to just vote for the things you like, not necessarily for me. Enjoy the site. I do.

Jefferson Fox

Here's a link to my profile on 'OURSTAGE'