Monday, April 23, 2012

20-something Susan

So I'm in the grocery store last night picking up 2 items for my father...bacon and hearing-aid batteries (#10, 12 pack, the good brand). I get to the checkout and in an effort to be efficient I got my debit card out before the 20-something year old brunette even swiped the first item. I'm wearing my black t-shirt under a retro long-sleeve with snaps, a ball cap and a 'friendship bracelet' made by Zoe (my 6 year old). I think I look very 'mod'. As the 20-something begins to bag the bacon I honed in on the card swiper and analyzed it for my own accuracy when processing this payment. I followed the instructions and exactly the moment when (let's call her) Susan made a comment to me about her bagging intentions for the batteries. Now, I followed most of what she said about the secondary, small bag being in the larger bag but I thought maybe there was more to it than I realized and again, my brain was working on my finances at the swiper so some of what she said got lost in the translation and although I'm sure I didn't care...before I could stop myself I said "what?". I said... "what?" 20-something Susan, being of great deductive skills quickly adapted to the situation she found herself in, did a high-speed scan of my grey hair and weathered face, held up the bag of batteries and she raised her voice level from the 3-4 it had been at to an 8 or 9... and she used her very best enunciation when she declared: "I'M PUTTING THE BATTERIES IN THIS LITTLE BAG!" She shook the bag a little too, to help me understand better and in case my eyesight could also be failing. I got the message..
. I tried to look confused as I smile at her. Then I took dad his damn batteries...and bacon. jefferson