Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just got back from Georgia and the filming of the Simpleton video. The video turned out wonderfully and will be up for you to see soon (not sure how soon, but soon). Beyond the fact that the project went well, the personal aspect was outstanding also. I got to spend time with Tim Gill again, met some fine folks that he works with regularly and had a great week staying up too late, watching weird movies and, umm, other stuff. ;)
I also got to spend some time with Heather Luttrell in her humble abode in Atlanta. For 3 days and 2 nights Heather, myself and her boyfriend Tom painted the town relentlessly, played a couple of shows, made some plans, installed a sink, cleaned house and forgot to sleep. It was a blast. You should check her out live any time you get a chance.
Another artist that I ran into along the way was Marshall Ruffin from somewhere in Georgia. He was on the road supporting a record called 'Morning Glory' and while the recording was a bit loose the band was not. The trio put on a stellar live show and Marshall's lyrics, vocal, and guitar work kept me on the edge of my seat through the entire show. Check him out.
Well, thanks Chattanooga, Charlotte, Atlanta, Savannah and all the people who put me up, put up with me and made great things happen along the way. Special thanks to the Harmon family in Rock Hill, SC! See you all again soon.

ps. I made a horrible mistake and didn't get a show pulled from the schedule for Sat the 27th of Sept at New Moon of Savannah (the Listening Room). My most sincere apologies to anyone who tried to see me that night. The venue canceled well in advance and my team failed to pull it from my site. I'll make it up to you one day soon.

lotsa love

Monday, September 14, 2009

just funny

I drove to Chattanooga yesterday (Sunday) and then back and tried to listen to the radio along the way. After some endless circles through the available stations I settled for a snake-oil preacher on a Nashville station that sounded like a lot of fun to hear. He was a very well-spoken fellow and made some interesting points...and then...

we as listeners were becoming rather enthralled in some story of contradicting behaviors by biblical characters Peter and Paul and I'm sure we all leaned in toward the radio a little as the intensity in our speakers' voice grew... This preacher was apparently quite frustrated with Paul over something he did or didn't say to the Gentiles...irrelevant to my story...but entertaining because what I heard next made me laugh harder than I have in ages.
The preacher (on the radio) began YELLING at Paul (the deceased apostle) and said (the quote here is the funny part) "He defied the SCRIPTURE!!, Paul DEFIED THE SCRIPTURES!!"

---defied the scripture--- note: he's talking about New Testament Scripture by his own account.

I supposed he was referring to the scripture that the christian churches today are reading...and perhaps Paul had defied it in some way (again irrelevant) but what I found funny was

THE SCRIPTURE HADN'T BEEN WRITTEN at the time of these events. Our hero Paul was living the events from which the scriptures would emerge...the writings this guy on the radio was reading and ranting about 2000+ years later.

I felt bad for Paul, unable to defend himself and having been scolded by Bill the Preacher on public radio for his bad behavior...and for not adhering to a book that he never read. Poor fella.

Don't read any more into this than there is. I'm not getting into the arguments that usually surround Religion, just poking a little fun at my fellow man. (forgive me Lord and fella on the radio)

In other news of the day, the show went great and I met some nice folks, fellow songwriter Brian Ashley Jones of Nashville and his cohort Tish the bass player along with a lot of very hospitable Tennessee..ans. Good times. See you somewhere!

lotsa love