Monday, November 4, 2013

Sorry - Jefferson Fox - (and Zoe)

This is Zoe's guitar...and Zoe.  and it was fun filming this.  see ya soon.

Diggin Dahlias

So I started growing dahlias a couple of years ago.  As with anything I do I soon became infatuated with them.  So what I'm gonna show you now is a quick look at how to get those things out of the ground and stored for next year.  Since Dahlias multiply sort of like potatoes you will amass a large quantity quickly.  I'm not an expert but I dig mine after the frost has blackened all the leaves on the plants.  To be more specific about a week following that episode.  

Be very careful as they're extremely delicate and if you break their little necks they wont come back next year. Even light duty with the hose please... And try to keep just a small portion of the stem or main portion of the bulb (or tuber as it were) with the end of each individual tuber. Here we go in pictures! 
Found this guy amid the tubers..careful.
Now.  Pack all of the individual tubers into vermiculite or some other drying material to keep them safe.  No moisture.  No sunlight.  No mice.  No heat!  35-50 f
Tadaa.  See me next year!  For this!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Read to sleep by her mother she smiled involuntarily is she dreamt.