Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gone Fishin, a VIDEO RELEASE and more music!

I'm very proud to announce the release of the 'Simpleton' video. We've worked on this one for quite a while now and I am certain that this is the best work Tim Gill and I have done together. Tim directed, filmed and edited this video but more than that, he helped me with the concept, the story and my approach to making the video. He did what friends and great artists do...he made me do the right thing and find the heart of what I was after. You can see more of Tim's amazing work at and you can see some of the work we've done together on Thank you brother!

Also a huge help to us through the project was Eric Darling of Savannah, Ga. Eric is the owner of E Three Media, is an independent film-maker, editor, techie, jack-of-all-trades, all around great guy to know if you need to make something happen. Eric supplied Tim and I with essential equipment and technical assistance as well as helped develop the story as we brainstormed through the process. Check out his company at I sincerely look forward to working with Eric again. Thank you also brother!

The video is now on youtube at

I've had a fantastic couple of years and want to thank all of you for that. It has been a rewarding time in my life, I've traveled a lot, had some nice reactions to my work, grown musically and as a person and I've made a lot of great new friends and business partners. All of it has been great. The only exception to the wonders of a great and successful period in any career is that usually they come with a strain on other areas of life.
I've been feeling a bit out of touch with my family and friends (the ones I can wave at here in my hometown) and need to pause for a moment to do some living. Don't worry, I'll write about it and record it soon thereafter, but I need a small vacation so I'm taking one.

I am going to play my Feb 18 show at Stooges in Jackson and the Feb 25 show at Loudhouse Cafe in Greenbrier TN and then I'm going to be off the stage until MAY.

I will resume touring extensively beginning May 3 at The Record Bar in Kansas City, Mo.

If you need to contact me, visit and feel free to email me from the link on the contact page. I'll be checking that and popping in occasionally on Facebook, though I probably won't be posting much.

More music is in the works. I have been working on a couple of releases and did some more recording while in Georgia this Elevated Basement Recording Studios with Kevin Rose. Kevin is an outstanding musician and sound engineer (and architect, and dad etc etc) who was hugely inspiring to me as far back as my days in High School when he was the guitarist in mine and Tim Gill's favorite band 'City of Lindas'. He's played on countless projects, recorded some outstanding music, coordinated takeovers of distant planets and recently become a Captain (of the open seas). I am very excited to finally be working with him and look forward to giving you something to listen to as a result. More soon on that. Check out Elevated Basement at and thank YOU brother!

That's it for now.
Enjoy Valentines Day, 'Simpleton', and every moment you have

Jefferson Fox