Monday, March 28, 2011

Jefferson Fox Performing "My Brother's Keeper" live

last weekend I was fortunate to be able to perform with Anastasia Gonzales at a film night in Savannah Georgia that happened at The Muse Art Warehouse. Charlie Kent made this trip with us, we stayed with Tim Gill, partied with the cast and crew of My Brother's Keeper and just generally had a hell of a good time. Here's what the live version sounded like that night. John Guiberteau was on hand and shot this. I'd never met John before that night but I'm glad that I have now. He caught a very nice moment for us that I'll treasure for a long time. Thanks all!

Monday, March 14, 2011

itunes dilemma and how to find it

I've heard from several people lately that they're having trouble finding my music at itunes. I recently hit a glitch with them. Here's the deal.

If you want the new record or the 2 before that (Chronicles Of Harvey, little epiphany or Medium Rare) you need to go here.

If you want Animule or Wait For Words then it's here

WHY? I know not...

Also if you're confused, yes, I put out a VINYL. There is no download for the b-side to this 7" The vinyl is a single with My Brother's Keeper on side 1 and Hold Up The Bottle on side 2 available (physical copy only) here

One last thing...
All of my music is available for download or to get a physical CD, vinyl etc on my website under the music tab which will take you here

There. that's the deal
lotsa love

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Brother's Keeper - Jefferson Fox - Official Video - Directed by Tim Gill

I have to thank God for all of the beautiful people that came into my life to make this possible. Thank you all..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Release Party for Chronicles Of Harvey

Hello everyone,
I finally got finished with that record. Chronicles Of Harvey will release to radio (in just a couple of weeks), has received a tidbit of critical acclaim, was a joy to record because of the people who helped me, and above all, it says what I wanted it to say.

I got to this point through the assistance of a lot of great people. I have never been so sure in all of my life that we are the product of those souls with whom we work and associate. The people that are in my life are by no accident strong, honest and creative, and have affected me greatly.

On Friday, March 11th at 8pm, at Dockside in Cape Girardeau (4 N. Spanish St), I'm going to take some time to honor those people, we're all gonna play the songs from the record... and a few other songs, we'll show the final product of the vision that Tim Gill had for My Brother's Keeper, we'll have some drinks and laughs and I'll release this little piece of artwork that I've labored over for the past year.

Chronicles Of Harvey is, by no means perfect, but I'm very proud of it and am eager to share this set of recordings with you.

I hope to see you on Friday.
Jefferson Fox